Canadian Au Pair looking for a social life



We have a lovely new member to our family - a 20-year old Au Pair

Emma. As you all know how easy it is to meet people in Finland

outside school/work, we are turning to you for assistance :-)

So, does anyone know a nice group of young people who would like to

show Emma a bit of the Helsinki/Espoo region?

You can call Emma at +358-50-928 7891, or e-mail her


All clues will be greatly appreciated!!

Have a great sprintime, you all!!

Greta and Rowan

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I' m not living in the South of Finland, so I can' t help otherwise, but why wouldn' t you contact the English department at the University of Helsinki. There are certainly young students who would like to get to know Emma and brush up their English :)

BR, Fleur


Hello: I``m 23 year old young mother from nummela, 40 km from helsinki.

Contact me if you haven`t found friend foe emma aldready!! I love to speak english and my cousin knows helsinki better then her own pockets!! Like to spend time out with new peoples!!

I`f you answer here first, I`ll put my e-mail later!!

wishes: laura

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