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Excuse to be physically inactive golf? Of course, you must remember that golf for everyone. Sell ​​off your cabin or else too much of your time-consuming operation and direction of the golf course. When you're on the golf course, look around. You see there that play old and dirty clothes people? Or the parking lot of the old Ladoja?

If you see it you probably you, because golf is a sport of the rich. Accept it and do not think about that again visit the golf. Only hyvinpukeutuvat people who can afford the clubs and the golf course shares, are among the best golf course in the actual customers.

Health impacts represent an ideal; Tour consumes 70 kg person an average of 4 200 kJ / 000 kcal 1. Thus, it is an excellent exercise for health, which is also suitable for older enthusiasts. If you are overweight or reduced mobility, it does not matter. Golf Club offers golf cars for example. for lease.

When you're in the field, you will see the completeness of role models; people who have possession of the ball physically and mentally. Money Worries do not press, only it söisikö use, put up a golf club foie gras or filet of the day \\\ '\\\' concern \\\ '\\\'.

Thus three years pelanneena I can only recommend species specific to rich people. This is the real issue, which is to begin to talk about. Severe the reality is that poor people really destroy the golf course. The number of new golfers is by no means the estimated growth in customer satisfaction, but must be regarded as the field general features of the company, and thus a golf package. Increased number of customers is the wrong way understood the golf club head, for example, field maintenance point of view.

Everyone knows what happens when the poor novices leave to apply for green card. The game is shit and field turf is like perunakuokinnan aftermath, and divotteja remembered to put back. To green with saapasjalkaiset The farmers, who receive integrin on grass to dry in pain. \\\ '\\\' New paying customers \\\ '\\\' (poor kentänturmelijoita) insinuating the field Pro gives green cardit despite the lack of skills and the ability to pay, because the CEO imbecile golf club blare their subordinates earn poor players.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the condition worsens fields, all the game slows down ground and air field maintenance costs rise. Also, field supervisors will be needed more in order to keep the game even somehow swing. Valuation of the whole species goes down and the golf is experiencing a loss of image.

It is time to plunge poor people, therefore, out of the fields back to the TV to watch the drawing board salkkarit.

Matias K. (Matias Kokoi)

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