Näin väitän minä. Juuri sellainen euroviisurenkutus. Vielä kun siitä olisi englanninkielinen versio.

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Aaaa Hula Hula aaaa hula hula

You are dancing
Eyes closed in the shore

Sky is orange
And there's no stars to see


Water running at your skin
When i look at you
I know how to be
You're goddes in your ripped short jeans

So close i feel your heartbeat through your shirt
It takes my mind to destruction

You're so ulalala
And the world stops in front of you

Your hips are dancing hula hula

hula hula

Every touch it melts hula hula
Hula hula

And you hips are striking hula hula
Hula hula

Chest is burning white and flame
When we fall
Hulaa hulaaaa

I will follow
When you grab me by my wrists
You take me with you
Everybody wonders where we'we been

Your hair is full with wild flowers
When you do your body macigpowers
You're goddes in your ripped short jeans
I follow your every move
And i dont know anything more that
you're ulalala
And in front of you world stops

En jaksa enempää miettiä tätä :D

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